Goodbye Stockholm!

Hey readers!

So it’s my LAST DAY in Stockholm. My parents have come to see the city and to help me move back home so it’s been nice to visit all of my favorite places for the last time. I finished my final essays and tests at the beginning of the week so I have been able to spend my last days here just enjoying the city and reflecting on my time here.

I was also super excited my parents were here to see the end of semester showcase at school because I got to reflect on all things I’ve learned!

I had a great time showing them all the cafes and restaurants I frequented over the semester (even got them to try reindeer!) and my favorite look out points and landmarks. It was so nice to have people to show around, otherwise I might not have made it to all of the places I did before going home. I also went to the last few places I’ve been dying to go to but never made it over the semester, and thoroughly enjoyed the one week of warm weather I’ve seen since being here!

Made plans to meet up with my Swedish friend in NYC one day!

As I’ve said, I’m super excited and also nervous about going home. It was sad to say goodbye to my host family and the few good friends I’ve made here. But also since having my parents here I’ve been focusing more on the reasons why I’m excited to go home. At this point, I feel really great about my experience here, and I’ve realized that Stockholm really has become a second home for me. I know I will definitely be coming back one day.

Next time I post will be from the US!! Wish me luck

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